Animation Services for B2B Businesses – Latest Trends 2023

Animation Services for B2B Businesses -Latest Trends 2023
Animation Services for B2B Businesses -Latest Trends 2023

As a B2B business, do you wish to leverage cutting-edge animation services? 3D animation serves to be a useful tool when it comes to boosting awareness of a brand, service, or product in a fun & engaging way. Video is, undeniably, a powerful medium with respect to captivating the attention of the target audience for longer spans of time. Therefore, you should hire services from a reliable 3D animation company to expect the best outcomes. In this blog let’s explore the Animation Services for B2B Businesses – Latest Trends 2023.

Studies reveal that 85 percent of potential buyers are more likely to purchase a product after going through a product video. At the same time, around 72 percent of B2B buyers also watch a video before making the purchasing decision. The use of animation for marketing purposes has grown in popularity quite lately. Let us help you understand the importance of 3D animation services for your B2B business.

What are 3D Animation Services?

3D animation is the procedure of creating images in motion in a 3D or three-dimensional form. The content of 3D animation services can be utilized for billboards, digital advertising, YouTube, social media marketing, and video game development.

Why are 3D Animation Services So Effective?

Animations are highly engaging and effective in reaching out to potential consumers as they seamlessly engage with the target audience while holding their attention for longer periods. 

While all types of creative videos can have this effect. Animations are especially useful in bringing into life storylines and complex ideas that are almost impossible to demonstrate with respect to live action filming. Animation is utilized regularly by large-scale companies to come up with brand awareness and digital ads for fostering a deeper notion of loyalty and trust. It is because they offer audible and visual stimulation which is highly effective than standard text. 

What are the Latest 3D Animation Trends 2023?
  • Use of Thin Lines

Minimalism in the overall design and art has been a leading theme as more animators and artists implement the same in the work on a daily basis. The trend focuses on simple and impactful designs that leverage thin lines towards mimicking a hand-drawn artwork. It offers a simplistic and contemporary feel throughout. Thin lines serve the purpose of mood-setters, shaper-definers, and direction-givers.

  • Limited Color Palette

A limited color palette implies that there is minimal use of colors throughout. Colors depict immense storytelling power. They are capable of expressing emotions, clarifying motivation, and even dictating the entire meaning of some component. 

As you restrict the color palette, you tend to avoid overcomplicated graphics while ultimately drawing the attention of the target audience to the main focus.

  • Logo Animation

For several years, the use of animated logos has been a hotspot on the latest trends. Motion designers come up with interesting logo animations by combining unique visual effects -including exposing, concealing, spinning, morphing, and hand-drawn effects. 3D animation is used in logo animation to bring logos to life in a fun way.


Make the most of cutting-edge 3D animation services from us at Manipal Digital to give your brand a boost in terms of the overall visual appeal. 

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