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Who We Are and What We Offer
Manipal studio is a commercial photography and videography studio based in Bangalore. We specialize in studio product photography, product detail photography, model photography, and jewelry photography for brands’ own web catalogs and eCommerce platforms. We also offer full spectrum videography services, including Product Videos, Explainers, animation, and 360° photography animation services to create engaging interactive online experiences.
Experience the MTL Touch
Your product and model photos and videos are your primary customer touchpoints. We combine creative thinking and working with efficient project management to produce visual assets you will love. Whether you need an innovative way to show off your products, or a highly efficient team to execute your vision with a turnkey approach, look no further. Contact us today!





Our Services

A la Carte Services

We offer a variety of in-studio photography services, including:

  • Studio Product Photography- We can produce standard-background product photos of consistent size and quality in high volumes for specific eCommerce platform standards, or as per the client’s specific guidelines.
  • Product Lifestyle Photography- Show-case your product in use in a real-life setting with models and props. Whether it’s just a simple flatlay of a rug, or unique, original work, if it can be done in a studio we do it! Lifestyle photos are about more than photography. They are mini-productions, involving creativity, orchestration, as well as beautiful photos that don’t just draw audience views- they spark aspiration.
  • Product Detail Photography- These are close-up shots in the right lighting to show off your product features in exquisite detail. From beautiful textures to high quality manufacturing, enthrall your clients with the quality of your products.
  • 360° Photography- We create “walkaround” and turntable based 360° photos to capture a product’s look from every angle. Our in-house lighting experts ensure the right ambient hue, shading, and color to ensure the photograph does justice to your beautiful products. Use these photos to create digital browsing carousels, or even interactive experiences!
  • Model Photography- Our fashion photographers are renowned for their professionalism, innovative use of props, and sheer pizazz! From editorial shoots, to staged runway and lifestyle shots, bring your brand experience to your customers through our photos. We also produce high quality Glamour photos, Beauty shots for Cosmetics, and Commercial Catalog shots of models for lookbooks.
  • Campaign photography- Engage your audience with unforgettable campaign images. We understand a campaign is all about messaging. That’s why we work closely with our clients to create the perfect set and capture the perfect shot that communicates the campaign message perfectly. Whether the photos are used in print publications, outdoor adverts, or digital marketing campaigns, they will tell your campaign story perfectly.

The modern buyer’s journey is video. A stunning photograph is still the best way to capture attention, but you need a video to continue holding it. produces and creates a wide variety of visual motion work, including:

  • Videos: We produce and create a variety of short-form video content, including Product videos, Explainers, How-to’s (Instructional videos that complement/replace instruction manuals for products), testimonials, and Lifestyle videos that showcase how the products fit into your lifestyle.
  • Animation: While classical videography is great for live-action shoots, animation can add a new level of engagement to a video. For example, adding animated charts, graphs or even embedded motion graphics to a video can reinforce important takeaways and make the video more impactful. Manipal Studios creates engaging live action animation for product demos, brand videos, explainers, and social media content.
  • Stop motion: Stop motion plays a sequence of still images to create an illusion of motion. This can be a very engaging and cost-effective way to show product unboxing, product assembly and other aspects of the consumer’s product experience. It is widely used by brands and eCommerce platforms to create explainer videos in a fun, engaging way.
  • 360° Animation: 360° Animation refers to short motion videos of products with or without models. It is one thing to see a nice photo of a model wearing a shirt, but quite another to see it being worn in a video by a model who turns around to show the garment from every angle. In addition, these videos can be stopped at any point to capture screenshots of on-model product use.

End-to-end Production Management

In addition to standalone services we offer end-to-end production management for clients who prefer a turnkey approach. All you have to do is ship us your products. We will take it from there. Based on client feedback, we will prepare the sets, hire and manage the models, manage photography and video recording sessions, perform the post-production and conversion to multiple formats and standards, and even upload the final images and videos to the right databases so they are ready for deployment at the click of a button.

  • We believe in people connecting with each other. We always start with a phone call or video call so our clients know whom they are going to work with. In the first call we get to understand your requirements, including standards, guideline maturity, preferred communication channels, and timelines.
  • We prepare a contract and send it to you within 2 business days
  • Upon receipt of the signed contract and first payment, we provide you a client ID to access your work on our system.
  • You can now begin to ship your products to our studio. As per the terms of the contract agreement, we will complete our arrangements in the meantime, including props, sets, and model selection and availability.
  • After the studio session you can expect to start receiving your finished images via the dedicated channel (FTP server, Public Cloud, etc. as decided in the contract) within 48 hour.
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