Product Packaging Design and Prepress Trends 2023 -Role of CGI

Product Packaging Design and Prepress Trends 2023 -Role of CGI
Product Packaging Design and Prepress Trends 2023 -Role of CGI

Wish to nail your product packaging design with the help of prepress solutions? Product packaging aims at serving a wide range of purposes -right from protecting and preserving the products to effective brand positioning and connecting with end customers. Whether you are designing the product packaging for practicality and functionality or innovation and creativity. The decisions you make with respect to product packaging can be crucial for your entire business. In this blog let’s explore the Product Packaging Design and Prepress Trends 2023 -Role of CGI.

It is estimated that around 72 percent of consumers reveal that the final purchasing decision is significantly influenced by the product packaging design. Like with any domain of design, product packaging is significantly influenced by technological developments and creative trends like the use of CGI or prepress solutions. In 2023 & beyond, product packaging design is evolving to be highly focused on handcrafted design, CGI components, sustainability, and practicality. 

What are the Latest Product Packaging Design and Prepress Trends?

Whether you wish to include cutting-edge packaging or design solutions for your product range or simply wish to catch a glimpse of the latest trends. Here are some of the product packaging trends you should know about:

  • CGI and 3D Packaging

With the help of the revolutionary CGI 3D packaging modeling. You can get access to an efficient and cost-effective way to explore unmatched design concepts with minimal implementation time. CGI assets offer ample control and flexibility over your packaging and product imagery. There is no involvement of the overall costs of a complicated photoshoot. 

In CGI-powered 3D packaging modeling, experienced digital artists leverage state-of-the-art modeling and texturing technologies to come up with amazing, true-to-life, 3D images. 

  • Illustrations and Collage

Hand-drawn components have been one of the leading design trends in the past few years. A number of businesses and brands are integrating the concept of illustration along with line art to 3D design and geometry. All of these components help in adding a touch of personality as well as charm to your brand’s products. 

Using creative styles like collages is also a great solution for adding depth to product packaging. It instantly helps in adding another layer of charm and desirability to the products while also appealing to the upscale demographic. 

  • Gradients

Gradients are immensely trending in the concept of product packaging designs currently. They are popping up from almost everywhere -right from branding to product packaging, social media, and even web design. They serve to be an easy and effective way to add texture and color to an otherwise simple product design. Especially for brands looking to achieve a creative, cool aesthetic.

The trend of using gradients in product packaging is becoming quite popular amongst brands. It helps in instantly offering any design a trendy, cool vibe. You can pair the same with matte finish and your product is good to go!

  • Conclusion

Make the most of the latest product packaging design trends to add visual appeal to the product range. With an attractive product packaging at disposal by our experts at Manipal Digital, consumers are more likely to get attracted to and make the final purchasing decision. 

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