Video Production

Enhance your story


The creative touch
Creative videos have a significant impact on the audience. Over 80% of the global internet traffic comes from video content and 64% of consumers purchase through social media ads. Our video production solution creates unique visualization of your story.

Animated GIFs Creative GIF ads for social media, website banner, email and more.

Motion Graphics Immersive motion graphics ads and banners.

3D Animation Enhance your marketing approach with 3D animated advertising.

Video – Pre/Post Production Gathering essential resources and adding all the necessary touches to polish the final video content.

Animate your ideas

Animated GIF

GIF ads and banners are either animated or static images that run in a sequential manner. GIF advertising has proven effective for marketing purposes as visual content has a significant appeal to the audience.

We provide affordable animated GIF services for various platforms from social media ads, website banners, email and more.

Mesmerizing visuals

Motion Graphics

Over the last 10 years motion graphics advertising has become increasingly popular. One of the reasons for its widespread usage is the ease of making ads using this technology. It provides flexibility for creative directors to bring life to their vision through the usage of unique visual elements.

We facilitate you to showcase immersive video ads, banners, and more, created through Motion Graphics technology.

Enhance the viewing experience
3D Animation

3D advertising adds a whole new level of sophistication to product marketing. Brands have adopted the usage of this technology to create immersive video content for consumers to delve into an exciting viewing experience.

With our expertise and knowledge, we continue to cater for brands across the globe in producing creative 3D animation content and enhance their marketing approach.

The creative touch

Video Pre/Post Production

Video Pre and Post-production are essential stages in the production process. At the Pre-production level we carry out, planning and accumulating of all necessary resources to execute the video. It involves everything from gathering crew, camera resources, audio equipment, and other support equipment. Our team of experts undertake this process meticulously to enable a smooth flow in the production.

Post-production is the final and most crucial stage in the process. Our experts creatively convert raw footage into indulging and appealing content by adding all necessary elements. It involves including sounds (voiceovers, background music, and other sound effects), seamless stitching, cropping, color correction & balance to adding visual effects, and more!

Hotel & Travel, Healthcare, Education, eCommerce, Software as Service are some of the industries where video content play a significant role in connecting with their audience. Video marketers obtain about 60% of qualified leads through video content thus proving as an effective medium of marketing.

Creative videos the right choice for your brand
Highly Effective

Animations can be used in videos as well as in banners. Banner Ads with animation are 4.5 times more effective.


The options with 3D Animation and CGI are limitless. Designers can get creative without being restricted by physical limitations.


Animated videos are considered to be timeless. The characters used, unlike real actors or figures doesn’t go out of trend.

Competitive Edge

The used of Motion graphics, animation gifs or 3D animation, helps your business stand out of the crowd.


Creating Animation GIFs, Motion Graphics are relatively cost-effective as compared to a full day of shooting videos.


Creative video banners consume less time to be created when compared to a filming a full scale video.

The visual appeal of creative videos
Video content has always proven more appealing for the audience. The visual stimulus of Animated, 3D, and CGI videos positively affects the idea that is being promoted. It keeps viewers engaged and also facilitates brands to promote their ideas in unique ways. Over 57% of consumers have stated a highted sense of confidence in purchasing decision due to video ads. With substantial advancements in digital technology. The creation of videos using animation, 3D and motion graphics technology has made it easier for brands to marketing their products across all platforms. We at Manipal Digital collaborate with design experts to create stunningly creative video content to make your work easier.
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