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Our Packaging Prepress Service Suite

Creative Design

Thinking beyond 'now' and looking at the bigger picture when it comes to the true essence of your brand differentiates us. With striking aesthetics, effective design and consumer ease of use, we create packaging experiences that your customers love.

Product Mockups & Prototypes

A physical version of your product packaging gives you a clear perspective of the 'touch and feel' that will entice your customers. We work with you to design mockups and prototypes that give you the true essence of your packaging.

Strutural Design

Thinking in 3 dimensions is our second nature. We bring out the best structure that can fit your packaging creative. If you have a creative design, let us work on the structural design of it to ensure that your package becomes the center of attention.

3D Visualization

Get into the shoes of your consumers and visualize the product exactly the way they will see it, with our comprehensive 3D visualization services. Our expert ESKO and ArtiosCAD trained team not only creates 3D mockups but also help you to decide on the materials and finishing process. Work with us to give your products the shelf shout out.

Artwork Amendments

Whether it is language adaptation, size adaptation or adhering to legal requirements, we work with you to fulfill all your artwork amendment needs to release fully compliant designs into the market.


We do expert color management, separation, and artwork clean up to deliver a crisp print ready file for offset, flexographic or gravure process.

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