Packaging Solutions - Creative Packaging Design and Idea

We take packaging from idea to retail shelf!
Combining creativity, technical know-how and attention to detail, we turn your beautiful concept design to finished package artwork.

Design Prototypes Translating your vision into an impactful, manufacturable design.

Artwork Services Brand management, adaptation, amendments, localisation.

2d/3d Visualisation Photorealistic visualisation of your package.

Repro ProcessMaking your product print ready for the market.

Proofing & Mock-upsCreating mock-ups on actual/close match substrate.

Art ConnectEnd-to-End Solution.

Design Prototypes
Translating your vision into an impactful, manufacturable design, is an art of its own.

And it all starts with a prototype.

The process of creating mockups and conceptual samples is just the beginning of a great packaging journey. With our highly experienced team of product and packaging designers and through advanced technology, we conceptualise, build, develop, and optimise until we have the best package. Simply starting with pencil and paper, we produce handmade prototypes using a range of materials, substrates, and finishes.

Artwork Services
Adaptations of the lead packaging design to develop all variants across a range
Using a robust approval process and Art Connect Artwork changes and amends for pack copy, text, graphics and image work
Executing artworks in all international languages and dialects
Artwork modifications to deliver accurate graphics across challenging pack formats




First Time




2d/3d Visualisation
We bring life to your product, even before it is produced!

Through advanced technologies & our 3d CGI experts, we produce photographic realistic visualisations of your packaging to replace traditional photography. Creating beautiful rendered packshots, we support the creation of omni-channel marketing & e-commerce content. Covering all packaging formats and products including food, beverages, beauty, and cosmetics, you can see your product in a retail store, even before it is manufactured.

Repro Process

We combine science & technology, to prepare artwork & make your product print ready for the market.

A collective process that transforms digital print layout for final printing (at printing press). Reproducing computer-designed graphics through prepress processes covering structural design, artwork bleed, colour separations, ink management settings, and trapping.

Multi Channel
Image Trap
Hold back/ Pull back
Vector TRAP
Line / Text Thickness
Min / Max dot removal
Scum dot removal
CC / Opposite color removal
Ink Manager Fixing
Trim / Media Box Fixing
Barcode Creation
Proofing & Mock-ups
We provide high quality and cost effective Proofing Services, creating proofs & mock-ups on correct substrates to give improved transparency and predictability.Wet Proofing

Flatbed proofing on actual substrate with real inks and a wide range of finishing technologies e.g. Foiling, vanishes, embossing, special effects.

HP Indigo

Digital contract/concept proofing on actual substrate.

Epson 9900

Digital contract/concept proofing on Epson media with GMG calibration technology. A technology that can be installed onsite at our clients.

Color Management

With in-house capabilities, expertise in colour management and press standardisation using GMG CMS, we provide technical on-site support at converters’ facilities for all substrates, packaging formats and printing technologies, including Flexo, Gravure and Offset.

Art Connect
You focus on the core activities, We take care of the rest! Customised, Efficient and End-to-End.
Streamline the artwork lifecycle with our Artwork Management Solution



Customized workflows for artwork approvals across departments.



A complete suite of online Proofing and Asset Management Tools.

Beautiful packaging needs beautiful design.Packaging Design
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