Augmented Reality App Development -Billboard Management Solution

Go from Revenue Loss to Maximising your commercial billboard revenue.

Get 1.5X revenue increase with oohRevmax

Streamline the entire process of commercial billboard management

Web+Mobile solution that is fully automated

One integrated system for all approvals & validations

Plug leakages & maximise revenue

Problems of the current system

With an Annual Loss of 100+ Crore*



Manual Measurement of billboard dimensions-error prone & implicated


Repeated effort required to validate billboards


No fool-proof & effective way to track billboard expiry
Other Challenges
Commercial Billboard approval process
  • Lack of transparency in the process.
  • Non-standardized process
  • Complicated paperwork-no automated systems
  • No systems in place for data analysis and reporting
Commercial Billboard Installation Process
  • Long wait for approvals-due to reliance on manual system
  • No tracking mechanisms for billboard installations
  • No systems for data analysis and reporting
Post Commercial Billboard Installations
  • Unauthorized billboard installation causing 65% of revenue loss in major cities.
  • Advertisers do not renew the time-leased contracts causing 25% of revenue loss
  • Advertisers increase the size of the billboard beyond approved size causing 10% of revenue loss.
Plug leakages and maximise revenue.
An end-to-end solution that streamlines the entire process of commercial billboard management

One integrated system & proprietary AR based mobile application is capable of addressing the issues and concerns from billboard property application and approvals to tax collection, monitoring and control-in order of the local authorities.


Collaborating all departments & users under one platform


Online portal for onboarding applications
Doc Submission / Status Tracking
Approval Process
Payment Portal
Alerts & Notification


Capture billboard image
Geotagging – capture location & details of billboard
Notification trigger to relevant authorities & stakeholder
Actions – penalties, notices, discontinuation of ads. etc.
Reports & Analysis

Augmented Reality based Mobile solution

Capture the Billboard Image

Measurements are calculated using Augmented Reality.

Geotagging + Real-time data

Capture location, vendor’s name, approved time period & compare with existing data.

Take actions

Such as: levying penalties, sending notices, discontinuing of advertisements etc.

Notification trigger

To relevant authorities & stakeholders about status (and/or discrepancies).

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