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Offshore Creative Content, Post-Production and Technology Solutions
+200k artworks a year
+1M images a year
+10k CGI models a year
+1000 Videos a year
Extend your capabilities, reach and capacity through flexible production.
24/7 global content and post-production services – scalable, on demand and trusted by the world's leading creative agencies, brands, studios and media companies.
A vast scope of creative innovation and technology based solutions to deliver cutting-edge and agile campaigns to your clients and customers.
A growing team of over 400+ with multiple production centers and high skilled capabilities across adaptation and production in print, out-of-home, packaging, e-commerce,
digital and virtual content.
An extension of your teams.
Ready when you are.
Manipal Digital is one of India’s leading media service, content and production agencies with clients worldwide. Let us do the heavy lifting for large scale projects and fast turnaround requirements.
With production supercenters for imaging, technical artwork, pre-media solutions, CGI and 3D modelling, video post, motion graphics and virtual experiences; we give our clients access to immediate capacity, supporting all global time zones and an ever evolving scope of services.

Key Benefits

  • Scalable 24/7 production model with on-demand resources
  • Decades of experience in supporting global brands, agencies and studios
  • Agile and flexible service – reduce your freelance budget
  • Local and regional support across continents
  • Part of Manipal Technologies Limited, celebrating over 80 years and over 400 staff
  • Vast scope of integrated creative, production and technology based solutions, ever evolving to meet the needs of customers
  • Overnight service for some solutions and rapid SLAs available
  • Investing in AR, virtual and metaverse strategies
  • World-class production processes, ISO 9001 and excellent customer service
Creative adaptation and localisation
Creative adaptation and localisation

Creating stories that matter!

Manipal has a broad range of creative services and content development solutions to support the agile and successful launch of brands and marketing campaigns. With a keen passion for disruption, innovation and sustainability for services to help propel new products to consumers across packaging, out-of-home, in store through digital brand activation and virtual experiences.

Imaging and composite retouching
Imaging and composite retouching

Making “picture-perfect” a reality with our image retouching services. We retouch millions of images every year. From complex colour and material change to cosmetic enhancement, our in-house retouching experts are renowned in the digital imaging industry. We offer an agile and rapid service and support major campaigns comprising thousands of images. We have also developed innovation in imaging techniques including composite lifestyle solutions for fashion and apparel using vector design files.

Sports Apparel Redress

An innovative agile solution to retouch in new product from mannequins or even illustrator design files to reduce the need for new styled and location photography.

Card Back Card Front
Card Back Card Front
Card Back Card Front
Production artwork and prepress
Production Artwork And Prepress

Producing over 200,000 artworks a year, we take designs from concept to launch, combining creativity, technical knowledge, and attention for packaging, print and publishing, out-of-home adaptation, and POS. We deploy the latest advance in global colour management and proofing, collaborating with print partners worldwide to deliver accurate, print ready assets.

Out-of-home large format adaptation – print and digital motion
Out-of-home Large Format Adaptation – Print And Digital Motion

Global finishing and adaptation for large format print and digital out-of-home activations. Working with some of the world’s biggest brands across FMCG and home entertainment for agile and accurate integrated OOH campaigns.

post-production and interactive solutions
Video post-production and interactive solutions

Our video production solutions bring your imaginative ideas to reality. Our experts creatively convert raw footage into immersive and captivating content – through editing, colour balancing, video retouching, sound and visual FX.

CGI & 3D Modeling
CGI and 3D modelling

Beautiful photorealistic brand and product CGI and full interiors.

CGI and digital 3D rendering services deliver perfect photorealistic brand assets and product imagery which can be used right across the brand activation landscape – digital and e-commerce channels, social media, video, virtual and on pack.

Manipal provides excellence across a vast scope of marketing and products including fashion, footwear, beauty, luxury, packaging, home and furnishings.

Motion graphics and animated gifs
Motion graphics and animated gifs

Animation and innovation for e-commerce and digital content. Cost effective and engaging content creation using CGI assets that are not feasible in a physical environment. From 360˚ view to fully animated video content and extended realities to interactivity through AR and VR for next generation consumer experiences. We are also experienced in large format digital out-of-home content and can provide animated GIF services for all digital platforms from social media ads to website banners and email.

Technology solutions, coding and app development
Technology solutions, coding and app development

Our technology and development team provides a range of supportive solutions to help deliver tech-based content and innovation from systems integration and coding to webshops and AI.

Manipal Digital is a leading offshore media services, creative content and post production agency. We have an extensive team of over 350, an unrivalled scope of all channel creative, production, innovation and technology based services, we help global brands and agencies launch fabulous campaigns and content across print, out-of-home, packaging, virtual, digital and brand activation.
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