From the design brief to the final package, we automate the entire process of artwork workflow management with just a few taps or clicks.

What is Mi Artwork ?

Smart Automation

Managing artworks manually can be a daunting process. Mi Artwork, our Artwork Management Solution, automates your entire workflow management process with greater collaboration, higher throughput, real time tracking, monitoring, versioning, archiving and proofing features.So while you concentrate on the core areas of design and go-to-market, the non-core activities like follow ups, approval, artwork status update is on us.

Easy communication

Built in communication tools prompted with other features facilitate communication between stakeholders in real time.

Digital Asset Management

All brand assets are stored with version control in the system for easy retrieval, comparisons and search. Support of multiple file types also ensure from design sketches to 3D visualizations can all be stored in the requisite order.


Built in soft-proofing tool allows users to conduct image comparison, track changes based on annotations and measurement, and compare text on the final proof.

Easy Approval Process

Mi Artwork ensures that the approval process of artworks is well defined and every stakeholder has their responsibilities clearly mapped out. This facilitates easy follow ups and one click approvals. Notification and alerts are tuned in to track and mitigate any delays in the process.

Enhanced Collaboration

With all the conventional production steps on the cloud and all stakeholders under a single roof, Mi Artwork offers an enhanced collaboration platform for fast turnaround and action.

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