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Industry 4.0 demands that people are up to speed and ready to take on the changing dynamics of the world. We provide solutions that improve performance and enable positive transformation.

Custom eLearning and Videos We use the ADDIE model to design custom end to end eLearning solutions from analysis to final deployment.

Games and Simulations We use game-based thinking to design interactive applications that engage, enrich and inspire.

Publishing We also offer a host of services ranging from publishing, design, illustrations, eBook creation, ePublishing, editorial editing and proof-reading.

Your Trusted Partner in Custom eLearning and Videos
To motivate, engage and provide training to large, solutions distributed teams

We use a range of methods such as gamification, themes, scenarios, decision trees and stories to create custom training. We use the ADDIE (Analysis -Design -Develop – Implement – Evaluate) model to provide end to end learning programs. This starts with a training needs analysis and is evaluated post implementation to determine results and improvements.

SCORM, AICC and xAPI Compliant Training

Coded with SCORM, AICC or xAPI we ensure delegates progress and performance is tracked & measured.

Blended Learning

Effective blended learning and flipped classroom programmes that complement classroom sessions as well as pre and post analysis.

Mobile Learning

A mobile first approach facilitating Microlearning, tailored to specific needs of new age delegates.

Learning Videos

Rich and informative learning with animated videos, talking head recordings and comprehensive documentaries.


Unique, visually appealing and effective eLearning

Case studies often become critical aspects of eLearning. We design effective case studies and present them in an interactive way for your delegates as a part of a self-paced or synchronised training programme. With a large pool of subject matter experts across industries, we can also help support the build and development of content.

  • BFSI, Retail and Healthcare
  • Engineering and K-12
  • Agile Project Management
  • Web Technologies

Gamification and Simulations


High Fidelity Simulations

Games that are fun, immersive and realistic

To practice knowledge and skills in controlled circumstances without fear of real-world consequences whilst also making them fun at the same time. From emulating software training in a Show-Tell-Try mode, to high-fidelity simulations addressing business processes for mid to large enterprises, we develop solutions that are
  • Personalized
  • Role based
  • Real-time feedback driven

Games and Gamification

Games that are specific to your needs

We can build effective gamification solutions with basic PBL (Points, Badges and Leaderboards) elements or make them more complex by embedding gaming elements into the core-design of modules.

Through our background in technology and content development, we are also capable in more comprehensive functionality such as designing multi-player applications to conduct Gamification at scale.

Gamification features:
  • We work with your experts to design tailor-made gamification solutions that can be embedded in your learning modules or deployed as stand-alone games
  • We implement the solution in your existing Learning Management System or develop native or hybrid apps to be accessed across Android and iOS stores
  • We also develop a matrix to track and measure your delegates’ performance
Would you look to master the art of gamifying your Business and Learning journey?
Here are the ebooks that will help you
  1. Think like a gamer
  2. Design your learning games
  3. Go beyond ‘points, badges and leaderboards’
  4. Gamify your internal processes
  5. Gamify user acquisition
  6. Mostly, create fun as you drive engagement and growth.
Download eBook
Download eBook
We simplify the journey from author to reader

With our Digital Publishing Suite, we produce more than 10 Million pages, supporting world’s largest publishing houses.

Copy editing

Our expert editors work on copy to ensure readers are aligned to your thoughts. We address a variety of subjects ranging from scientific articles to politics, from fiction to biographies, ensuring the right mix of subject matter expertise.

Proof Reading

Beyond automated tools, it takes a pair of sharp eyes to iron out unwanted errors and bring uniformity in your publications. Our team of experts will deliver improvements in quality of text.


Globally, there are potentially many more readers who would love to read your publication. Reach them through our translation services covering more than 30 languages ranging from German, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Dutch, Arabic to all major Indian languages.


Print-ready files that are formatted and typeset to meet your unique requirements. We provide extensive expertise in typesetting, academic and scientific journals that often feature complex drawings, elaborate layouts, tables, charts, diagrams and complicated mathematical formulas.

Multi-channel conversions

Reinvent your book by transforming it for digital publication. List it in any store – Amazon, Apple iBooks, Kindle or any other EPUB based reader. Bring your titles to life with EPUB 3 interactivity.

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