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Helping Universities transcend to the 4.0 model through holistic digital transformation efforts.

Enriching Learning
To make learning more seamless for students and educators, we provide access to a plethora of academic and other reference books. With intuitive built-in features like Quick Lookup, Bookmarks, Text-to-Speech and Assessment, our platform allows learners to focus their attention on the course material without needing to switch between applications.

Seamless reading: Many publishers, a single platform

Online or offline, get instant access to course materials and a full suite of study tools on any device(PC/Laptop/Mobile).

Globally, institutions are migrating to digital platforms and increasing their digital footprint. Coupled with the shift from print-based course material to e-books, the benefits in terms of cost and convenience are immense, for both institutions and learners.

We process hundreds of volumess of print-based course material into easily accessible e-books, making them available to users both offline and online, replete with a full suite of study tools.
Whether you’re reading on your PC, or sprawled on your couch with a laptop, or maybe even reading on a smartphone from the subway, you get uninterrupted access to the massive library of academic titles and other reference books available on our platform.

Well recognised as industry leaders in educational course material, we are partnered with several leading names in the education space. So, when are you climbing aboard?

Platform Features
Quick Lookup using built in dictionary,

Web and Wikipedia

Custom Notes

& Highlights



Read aloud

Text to Speech

Self-Assessment tool

Within the reader





A wide selection

of academic e-books

Bulk purchase

for all your students

Read across any surface

PC, Tablet, Apps, e-Readers

Read online

or offline

Access across multiple devices

with auto-sync of your notes, highlights, and bookmarks

Digital transformation
Accelerating Online Education

Education 4.0 emphasizes on making the student the keystone of the new ecosystem and advocates a paradigm shift in priorities, from teaching to learning. It stresses on facilitating online education that is learner centric, analytics-driven and adaptive. As the digital frontier evolves and becomes more advanced, it is absolutely imperative that institutions of learning, educators and learners continuously tap into it to derive maximum benefit.

Transforming Education
Re-Defining Textbooks

The student of today needs flexibility. In parallel, Universities seek ways to reduce strain and trim overheads. That’s why we build flexibility into our products right from the design stage. Whether it’s multi-device compatibility, or the ability to access all the material even when offline, we have accessibility covered. We assist Universities as they venture into a student centric digital transformation by streamlining the entire textbook procurement process.

Evolving to Education Model 4.0

As global economies turn increasingly knowledge-centric, lifelong learning seems to be the way forward. Universities must quickly innovate and evolve, adapting to increasingly diverse learner profiles and address the critical need for transferable skills.
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