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Enriching Learning
eBook is the latest educational tool made available for students to continue learning, no matter where they are and at the pace their most comfortable with. It’s all about making learning a seamless experience for you and your students. We provide a plethora of academic and other reference books for students to access anywhere, anytime.

Seamless Reading: Stay connected to learning

Get instant access to your course materials /eBooks, offline or online, and start reading with a full suite of study tools on any device (PC/Laptop/Mobile).

With the shift from print-based course materials to eBooks, Institutions worldwide are migrating to digital platforms and increasing their digital footprint. This shift has proven effective both in terms of cost and convenience for learners as well as institutions.

Kindle, the most renowned eBook in today’s market, comes packed with a wide selection of academic course materials and other reference books. It delivers flexibility and ease of learning for students by providing access to reading material from anywhere-anytime, on any device. Our collaboration with Amazon Kindle has enabled us to deliver digital educational requirements for multiple institutions globally.

Quick Lookup using built in dictionary,

Web and Wikipedia

Custom Notes

& Highlights



Read aloud

Text to Speech

Self-Assessment tool

Within the reader





A wide selection

of academic e-books

Bulk purchase

for all your students

Read across any surface

PC, Tablet, Apps, e-Readers

Read online

or offline

Access across multiple devices

with auto-sync of your notes, highlights, and bookmarks

Flexible Navigation

Features to flip back and forth between pages on your kindle textbooks

Search tool

To look for a topic instantly


To dive deeper into the contents of the page


To find definitions


Videos from the Web


For passages and to add notes as you study and save them for later

Anywhere, Anytime

The curriculum is accessible across Desktops, Laptops, Mobiles, Tablets, etc.

Wide range of eBooks

30,000+ pure academic eBooks


For all the books you require

Digital Transformation
Accelerating Online Education

It’s now more than ever that the need for online education has increased. Institutions across the globe have forecasted the need for online education and have made elaborate plans on shifting from traditional methods of teaching and learning to using modern digital tools, yet the sudden shift to digital platforms was forced by the pandemic of Covid19. More than 1.2 billion students across the globe were forced outside their schools due to the pandemic and suffer the challenges of remote learning. This situation, in particular, has led universities and other educational institutions to accelerate the shift to online education and adopt robust digital learning tools.

Transforming Education
Re-Defining Textbooks

Migrating from traditional methods of education to modern digital mediums is not necessarily a herculean task. When the right set of digital tools are used, the adaptability for teachers and students becomes easier. Kindle eBooks have been developed with the same intent in mind; it is to enable students an insightful and seamless learning experience with a user-friendly interface and informative learning material. Kindle eBooks are at par with –

  • Preparing for a new age of global digital practices
  • Strengthening the competitive edge over other institutes
  • Secured distribution of content
  • Significant reduction in costs related to library management, printed textbook purchases, and course content distribution
  • It also succeeds in being environmentally friendly.

Evolving towards the new era of education

With global economies becoming increasingly knowledge-centric, it’s time universities adopted innovative methods to cater to the educational requirements of diverse learner profiles and improve the process of imparting transferable skills.
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