Making it look real.

With CGI & Imagery Solutions
Level up your Game!

The integration of CGI, creativity and advanced digital technology has enabled us to produce detailed and realistic product renders that are almost indistinguishable from the real product itself obtaining quality imagery faster and easier than ever.

Making it interactive for your customers.
Leading brands in the fashion segment have incorporated innovative techniques to market their products with the help of 3D technology. You can now showcase photorealistic renders of fashion accessories, trainers and sportswear to enhance the viewing experience and help power up the buying decision for customers.

Key Benefits

  • Fully interactive CGI assets the customer can move around and manipulate. Opportunities for customisation, AR, Virtual and Metaverse
  • Deliver exciting and immersive experiences across all digital channels and ecosystems including social
  • CGI assets can be created way ahead of time and product launches to prepare engaging marketing content in advance
  • Product is rendered once using advanced modelling and CGI technologies and repurposed indefinitely across multiple uses
  • It can be used as a critical tool during the new product design and development process and replicate materials and finishes
  • Any angle, specification, lighting and focus can be set using the CGI assets to reduce photography reshoots
  • Smooth 360˚ animations can be created and automated
  • High resolution assets for large format graphics can be generated
  • CGI assets can replace lifestyle shots and use pre-existing photography, stock photography environments or completely CGI based interiors
Deliver superior quality products digitally
Photorealistic Renders
360 Degree
Customization at the tip of your finger
Digital existence of your product
Engaging experiences for consumers
Widen the market reach
Enabled through creative freedom
Photorealistic Renders

Designers today can produce high-quality renders that display the features of the product in supreme detail. From precise lighting, realistic shadow effect to texturing, CGI never disappoints.

360 Degree

Gone are the days of static product images and thumbnails. Now customers can enjoy a complete and immersive perspective of the product – made possible through full interactive 360˚ viewing.

Digital hotspots can also be added to augment additional content and product information to power up assets.

Customisation at the tip of your fingers

You can now deliver customers the opportunity to customise fashion apparel and other accessories by colour, size, and features. This provides for a personalised experience for a consumer in the product selection journey.

Digital visualisation of your product

Build virtually before producing the product. Businesses can get flexible with their designs through full digital visualization reducing the cost of sampling, prototyping, and production.

Engaging experiences for consumers

With Augmented and Virtual Reality integration for digital retail and social channels, customers can virtually try on all kinds of apparel and view them in real-time environments, delivering an enhanced virtual viewing experience. We are also developing digital showrooms and CGI store environments.

Widen the market reach

With the rapid growth in online retail, it is essential to ensure a strong online presence. With top-notch 3D renders optimized for eCommerce use, you can ensure a wider expansion of your market base.

Try CGI and never look back.
What’s achievable today with CGI technology is truly mesmerizing. Renowned brands across various industries have benefited by migrating from traditional marketing approaches to modern digitally enhanced renders to widen the scope of market reach. The fashion industry is one that witnesses perpetual growth and expansion, and in order to continue increasing sales, brands are opting for innovative solutions like CGI.

At Manipal Digital, we have catered for all 3D and CGI requirements with an edge of creativity and state-of-the-art technology. So look no further, we have got the solutions you are looking for.
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