The future of digital retail for home furnishings

The revolution of eCommerce experiences is here through CGI and augmented reality. Deliver product visualisation like never before.

Amplify the shopping and buying process for customers with Innovative 3D solutions
Increase your eCommerce conversion rates with detailed & photorealistic 3D models. Let your consumers enjoy virtual, interactive, and immersive experiences while choosing and customising products on your shopping platform.
Forget sample manufacturing, photography and heavy lead times to create marketing content.
Creative & 360 Video

Forget sample manufacturing, photography and heavy lead times to create marketing content.

3D Furniture modelling and design visualisation

Cost-effective photo-realistic 3D models allow your visitors to see furniture from every angle, thus removing the challenge of buying expensive items without seeing them in person.

Create real-life scenes and fully styled photography with no sets all in 3D CGI

Realistic interiors and set design, showcasing home wear, furnishings, product placement, and immersive experiences.

Changes of fabrics or additional colour easily added at low cost

Build one CGI furniture & then extend it to multiple variations of colours or fabrics.

Processing of images through Photoshop

Cost-effective high-end retouching for all your furnishing photographs.

Realistic renders for social media

Create campaigns & marketing contents way ahead of time. Expand online footprint to reach more markets.

AR Shopping

Optimization of high-poly 3D models enables AR of your furniture, creates an immersive viewing experience, and encourages buying decisions.

Step into the digital revolution through CGI technology

As time progresses, so does technology. With modern challenges come modern solutions. Innovative digital applications such as 3D technology and CGI are here to make the buying processes leaner and more effective. With large numbers of consumers migrating to online shopping, it’s time we adopt digitally enhanced furniture renderings to stand out in the market and deliver sales.

Manipal offers a total and end-to-end CGI solution for all types of products across furniture and home furnishings. We also develop interiors and rooms sets. Full digital development and app coding are also available as a turn-key solution for your brands.

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