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Creative Product Visualisation
Product photography has become redundant with the emergence of CGI technology. Today designers can create unique digital renders that highlight product features and packaging finishes with utmost detail and accuracy, at a fraction of the cost. Hyper-realistic computer generated imagery is the future of design development product marketing content.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces the need for prototypes, mock ups, samples and in turn photography
  • Allows for the early creation of digital assets and marketing content
  • Can be taken in to rich media, video, animation, motion graphics and all print brand activation channels
  • Opens up the world of virtual, augmented, interactive and metaverse opportunities
  • Engaging and immersive brand content for social media
  • Beautiful photorealistic imagery with repurposing assets for all applications
  • Print and packaging finishes and product visualisation to support the creative development process – digital mock ups
Beauty Cosmetics CGI
Haircare Products

Shampoo, conditioner, hair serum, hair oil, gel, hair wax etc.

Personal Care Products

Cleansers, washing gel, intimate washes, toothpaste, mouthwash, etc.

Skincare Products

Creams, powder, essential oil, scrubs, body lotion, etc.


Lipstick, Foundation, cream, concealer, primer, etc.


Perfumes, fragrance oils, candles, room scents

Gifting, Seasonal and Special Editions

Christmas, gifting packaging, collections, luxury launches

Realistic Visualisation
Haircare Products

In today’s cosmetic market, hair products are the second highest selling category of products. Marketers use creative ads to indulge the audience through various channels. Through high-end 3D and CGI technology, we can create ultra-realistic renders of all kinds of hair products, with the perfect lighting and shadow effects.

Creative digital renders
Personal Care Products

Personal care products account for about 15-20% of the cosmetics market deals. Using CGI technology, designers are capable of creating interactive 3D renders optimized for eCommerce use. Brands can now have their customers enjoy a unique shopping experience.

Artistic and exemplary designs
Skincare Products

Skincare products are one among the highest sold products in the cosmetics segment. With a huge range of skincare products, brands are tasked with the challenge of producing unique visuals of their products to cater to their larger audience. CGI has helped reduce the complexity of obtaining distinctive images and ad videos. The technology enables creative designers to produce realistic renders that deliver an outstanding visual appeal.

3D viewing capability

Make-up products take up majority of the sales in the beauty cosmetics segment. Renowned brands have established themselves as leaders in this industry due to their stand-out makeup products. For brands to deliver a competitive edge over their customers, they must adopt unique marketing approaches. 3D and Augmented reality technology allows users to interact with digital assets, letting customers interact with products digitally. Augmented solutions also delivery virtual try on and personalisation experiences within apps and across social channels.

Top-notch Product Images

The Fragrance market has evolved significantly in the cosmetics and personal care industry with the wide range of products offered by brands making it highly competitive space. Video ads and product images showcased on eCommerce platforms are created through expensive shoots and complex composite imaging. This process can be eliminated by adopting CGI. Our technology creates realistic product images in any given setting. Creativity is boundless with CGI, making it the perfect solution to maximize competitive strength.

Gifting and Special Packaging

It also gives brand owners and marketing teams freedom of expression through unique packaging formats and structures, extensions of the brand creative and innovative campaigns. Advent calendars alone can sell out in September on pre order well before the 1st of December.

CGI and 3D technologies provide fabulous tools to visualise complicated packaging designs, create interactive and immersive marketing content and provide solutions for on-pack photography for artwork which typically needs to be finalised at least a year before launch.

3D and CGI marketing -
the only way to go!
Competitive Edge

In order to stand-out from other brands in the market it is essential to deploy engaging methods for marketing cosmetic products. CGI helps you achieve just that!


To function efficiently, you must bring costs down, while optimizing processes. CGI is a cost-effective solution for creating brand identification and marketing content.


Time is critical and never more so than in today’s digital first landscape.
Assets can be created way ahead of time to deliver campaigns early and on time. There’s also no need to wait for photography for launches or to create packaging artwork with the use of CGI.

The modern approach to digital product stories
Fashion, beauty and cosmetics industry is evergreen in its business nature. Thousand of brands exist in this space with more being established every week. With the growth in the cosmetics industry and the parallel evolution in CGI technology, both factors go hand-in-hand in creating unique product visuals to strengthen brands. At Manipal Digital, expertise lies in creating multiple visual extensions, innovation and immersive content that best positions and celebrates your brand.

Illustration: Rad Mora

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