What is CGI & why does your product need it

What is CGI & why does your product need it

Computer-generated Imagery

In today’s hyper-connected business world, Computer Generated Imagery, or CGI, has become a powerhouse and a must-have weapon for selling products. The use of 3D architectural rendering technology to make products has helped CGI transcend its role as a niche sales and marketing tool. What is CGI & why does your product need it. We transform brands digitally with ecommerce image editing and 3D/CGI creation solutions.

What is CGI?

To define, Computer Generated Imagery is virtual photography that creates visual content using computer software. CGI technological advancements develop 2D-3D composite images that are indistinguishable from photographs and tricks the eye into believing in the illusion presented.

CGI’s hyper-realistic imagery spurs the imagination and can hold a viewer for up to 5.94 seconds on your website. This proves that CGI’s flexibility and capacity to scale across all digital devices and platforms gives it an edge to generate buzz and gain visibility even before the actual product exists.

Why does your product need CGI?

CGI technology allows businesses to depict products and scenes in a more provocative manner than traditional photoshoots can typically accomplish. Their capacity to create CGI modeling and visualizations from scratch and placing those images in realistically 3d architectural rendering settings are likely to be the most important factors in the product’s success.

Are you looking to upgrade your product content with computer-generated imagery?

Know why it’s time to use CGI for your product images.


Traditional product advertising method involves product transport, staff, exotic locations for backdrops and also renting a photography studio, equipment, and a photographer.

CGI uses 3D architectural rendering software and technologies and hence reduces the logistics and traveling costs incurred for traditional photoshoots. CGI designers are capable of adding any given location and a suitable backdrop for your products to make them appealing to the audience. CGI allows seeing and selling the product before it even goes into production. The pre-production view of a product saves much time and resources.


CGI is faster than traditional photoshoots, with no room for error. Imagine the amount of time & effort invested in traveling and shipping products to the shoot location and not being able to capture the perfect shot due to bad weather, travel hassles.

CGI modeling and visualizations develop different variations of a product. Lets you alter product images without needing to reshoot. CGI designers can also turn an imperfect shot into a perfect image by adding or removing certain items.

Connect with the audience

The motive of an advertising campaign is to impress the viewers and convert them into customers. Advertisers can build creative campaigns that provide a gratifying experience to the audience. You can use it to introduce prospective customers to the potential benefits of using your products.

Producing multiple variants

Producing/setting multiple variants for the same product and photographing each product can be a time-consuming and costly affair. Thus incorporating CGI & 3D rendering services into your business can help you showcase the different variants in terms of color, style, texture, and features in an impressive and easy-to-understand manner. CGI doesn’t significantly increase your overhead cost or time to market.

Endless Possibilities

The possibilities that can be achieved through computer imagery are endless. Because CGI images convey your brand story effectively to the consumers. They can also be used for video tours of your project. Virtual reality experiences, and other mobile applications. Which ultimately assist customers in viewing products and experience them before making the purchase.


As CGI modeling and visualizations evolve into an everyday tool. It becomes a necessity to evaluate the cost-saving benefits that come to empower company branding and customer engagement. You can utilize CGI & 3D rendering services to your benefit of incredible advances in content efficiency, effective merchandising, and user experience.

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