The Impact of Animated CGI Ads on consumers

The Impact of Animated CGI Ads on consumers

Be it on social media platforms and online videos or good old television; advertising has its rightful place across mediums. Like everything else, advertising techniques to influence the consumer are evolving by the day. Let’s see the Impact of Animated CGI Ads on consumers.

Technological advances like animated CGI ads, fo ed in popularity, leaving traditional animation behind. Computer-generated imagery, as the name suggests, uses computers to create a variety of graphics, 2D or 3D animation, objects, or renderings. Skilled professionals using specialized equipment are able to design hyper-realistic image. That raises the bar in advertising and benefits businesses tremendously. Lets see the Impact of Animated CGI Ads on consumers

Create Once, Re-invent Endlessly

Traditional animation is a labour-intensive and time-consuming process. Moreover, it does not lend itself well to repurposing because there’s a marked quality difference and tedium in doing so. That’s where CGI is a winner. Perhaps the most unique feature of a CGI asset is its repetitive utility. Once a model or element is created, it can be animated repeatedly for different projects and at different times to create completely new effects each time. Neither is there any copyright issue at play nor is there a mad scramble for painstaking new design and product prototyping each time.

Easy Application across Mobile, OTT, and Social Media

We live in a mobile-first, social media-heavy era. Consumers are guzzling video content everywhere and all the time. Unlike traditional advertising that tends to be medium-specific, CGI ads can be tailored for the audience and manage to successfully transcend access barriers. The sheer number of OTT platforms consumers are on is huge-and CGI adverts can literally catch their attention on the go, increasing brand awareness every single time the target audience is browsing content.

Grab Eyeballs with Time & Cost Efficiency

Video and animation elevate the effectiveness of ads; of that, there is no doubt. However, marketers, today must also keep in mind that the attention span of the average customer is thought to be less than 10 seconds (8.25 seconds, to be precise, according to a LinkedIn report)! Given that there is such little time in which to grab eyeballs, CGI animation proves to be a highly time and cost-efficient method of advertising. Frequent, targeted 3 or 4-second animated ads across the consumer’s most favoured platforms are a clever yet unobtrusive way of increasing brand awareness.

Increase Ad Stickiness

What’s the whole point of advertising? Reinforcing top-of-the-mind recall of the brand. That’s where CGI animation gains an edge over its predecessors due to its high-impact, frequent message-carrying ability. A sudden shower of animated currency notes, for instance, can pique the curiosity of the customer and act as a 3-second teaser for a microfinance product. A well-timed series of short ads can build up its momentum and evoke customer interest, ultimately leading to better CTRs and ad conversion rates.

Minimize live-motion video hassles

A skilfully-rendered CGI element can be the central theme of an ad. In the currency-note example, we took above, for creating a live motion-picture video. The expense and preparation would be considerably heavy. In contrast, a CGI animation piece, created once and for all, would yield a return on investment quite early on! In fact, experienced service providers that have been in the CGI element-creation space are even capable of coming up with simple original characters. This greatly opens up possibilities for small businesses and even for others with a clear goal to reduce marketing spending while extracting maximum platform coverage.

So whether you’re leading in-house digital advertising efforts as part of an upcoming retail brand, or an ad agency inundated with demands for CGI ads, it’s vital that you team up with a company that knows this business and can keep your turnaround timelines in place. At Manipal Digital, we live and breathe CGI. Our high-quality 3D-rendering and CGI services enable the creation of product imagery and assets across the full spectrum of brand activation channels. We customize solutions to meet specific brand needs with speed and cost-efficiency, thus raising the effectiveness of the ad campaign significantly.

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