Impact of Packaging Design on Customers

Impact of Packaging Design on Customers

The study of consumer behavior plays a significant role in determining where the product stands from people’s point of view. In the market and ascertaining the changes that would lead to an increase in its sale. Consumer behavior, in simple words, can be defined as customers’ psychological, sociological, and Impact of Packaging Design on Customers and human instincts that control and drive their buying behavior. Since the 1950s, it is a distinguished sub-part of marketing that leads to a better and fruitful understanding of needs, demands, choices, and preferences of products among the consumers and helps to decide innovative ideas and strategies to market them well. One such factor that affects and influences consumers’ behavior towards buying a product is its packaging.

The packaging of a product makes it technically uncomplicated to transport and easy to use but, on top of it, adds value to its artistic and aesthetic elements to make it spectacle among other similar products. It is the first thing that captures consumers’ attention and later retains their interest in the product for a long time.

Let us get to know how the design packaging influences consumers’ behaviour:

  1. ATTRACTIVE PACKAGING ATTRACTS CUSTOMERS: The basic concept behind making a product attractive is to gain customers’ attention. As said earlier, the packaging of a product is the first thing that makes it striking and worthy of consumers’ attention. And to achieve this, the product must have attractive packaging. Creative packaging is a blend of colors, images, typography, print styles, and other such aspects that make products visually appealing. When a customer finds the packaging of a product attractive, they take it out off the shelf to learn more about it, and here the first goal of packaging is accomplished. As now the customer is aware of the existence of this product and its brand in the market. Good product packaging design provokes consumers to know more about the product/brand and creates the suspense of how and why they had not known about it earlier.
  2. BUILDS THE FIRST IMPRESSION: As Steve Jobs rightly said and quote, “Packaging can be theatre, it can create a story.” There is no denying the fact that the first impression certainly, most of the time, is the last. When it comes to the product’s image to compete in the market, packaging designers try to design the packaging of the product in a manner that its quality packaging speaks volumes for the kind of product inside it. Since the packaging of a product is the first thing that customers get to see, it creates a narrative of the quality and sets high expectations.
  3. CREATES BRAND POSITION: The packaging of a product affects how people see its brand as a whole. Packaging with top quality and unique designs are important factors contributing to the brand’s position in the market. Eye-catching colors, witty and relatable taglines, logo, shape, and size of the packaging attract customers and help them identify your brand separately. Top brands always spend more on creating standardized brand packaging to meet the expectations of the customers globally.
  4. CATERS TO THE NEEDS OF THE CUSTOMER: When the packaging of the product is unique and, at the same time, can be of multiple uses, people tend to purchase such products. Like the box packaging of a commodity with beautiful mural paintings or even, a very famous and esteemed label’s packaging could be used for multiple purposes like that of a showpiece or wall hanging. Similarly, if the tagline present on the packaging hits right in the emotion, an emotional and sentimental attachment is associated with the product, and people end up buying it.
  5. SUBTLY ACCOMMODATES ALL THE INFORMATION: All the necessary information related to a product that a consumer must know of is listed on its packaging. It is essential to mention everything right from ingredients used to its expiry date, and to accommodate all of it creatively is a task. Best packaging designs are the ones that contain all the information very subtly without making it look clumsy. Consumers love ethical brands, and potent packaging adds more value to build better customer relationships and earn their trust.


Packaging is an integral part and must not be compromised at all. The more attractive, informative, comprehensible, and compatible the packaging of a product is, the more is the chance of that product being a hit in the market. It is an art that requires rigorous up-gradation with every change in the market. Be honest with your packaging, and it will help you in the growth and success of your brand.

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