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Are you an instructional designer? Or have you ever designed a game storyboard? Imagine the days, when you looked at an interactive course or game and painstakingly put in comments on a column on the right saying where the color needs to be enhanced, where a particular pop up is not presenting the right information, and where the wrong element has been highlighted on the screen. Even though the tools for learning have changed and Learning Management Systems have only become stronger, the basic tenets of storyboarding have remained constant. The devices in which Instructional Designers review courses have only multiplied to include four to five different screen sizes and checking for responsiveness in the courses.
With Virtual Reality taking up a central role in learning, the future of elearning is about to go through a sea change. As we highlighted in our article with the cost of VR devices getting cheaper and both Facebook and Youtube going towards making their videos compatible for Oculus and Google Cardboard, it is only a matter of time before you strap on your Cardboard and get to go through an immersive experience around the Milky Way for your middle school astronomy class.
But will that change the life of the courseware author?
The answer comes in the form of Fabric Engine.
Fabric Engine is an authoring tool-set that eases visualization and content building in virtual reality. The tool sets help content authors to quickly iterate on designs for interactive applications and stories by presenting the creation inside virtual reality. Yes, you read it right!
You can literally strap on your headsets, go inside the reality and highlight all the visualization that you need. So imagine visiting the your VR experience on the Milky Way and marking with a highlighter saying ,' well, Andromeda should be a little further right'.

Iterative authoring has never been so immersive. In terms of designing an experience, Fabric Engine offers a series of tool sets to allow creative designers and writers to actually author content for virtual reality, push out their worlds into a VR headset and easily make annotations inside the world and then push it back into the application from which it originated.

At Manipal Digital, we are constantly on the lookout for new age tools to experiment with VR applications and identify the next level of authoring content for new age learning solutions. And we are all set to see how Fabric Engine plays out and what kind of worlds can we really build out of it.

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