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Manipal Digital’s comprehensive suite of content publishing technologies offers – quite simply – the best solutions to create content and deliver it across any publication channel.

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Enabling Your Business Across The Content Value Chain Through Solutions For…


  • An alternative to traditional publishing Outsourcing
  • Now, have your authors participate in XML/eBooks workflow, with our publisher and author-friendly XML-centric publishing platform
  • Microsoft Word-based easy to use content authoring tool that delivers eBooks, PDF, XML and XHTML with a single click

contentmanagement & Delivery

  • Single source multi platform system
  • Bringing it all together in a digital workflow with Mi Publish to Create, Manage and Deliver the content across any publication channel
  • A comprehensive editorial and publishing workflow system for small, medium and large publishers with instant publication to multiple formats such as certified PDF’s, ePub, Web services (XML/HTML5 and API’s)


  • Manipal Digital’s “eBook Distribution Centre & eReader Platform”
  • An innovative global eBook delivery solution for the Publishers, Distributors, Schools/Universities and the Students to participate and engage on a common platform
  • A cloud based eBook platform which can be hosted by Publisher/Aggregators or Service provider, to offer services to end-users and enterprise customers like Institutions, Universities and schools


  • A unique administrative dashboards for Publishers, Aggregators, Schools, Universities and Institutions to manage eBooks, orders and fulfilment, Real-time Sales analytics
  • At-a-glance metrics on orders, reading habits, reading progress and other useful metrics
  • Publishing
  • Schools/Universities
  • Goverment &
    eText book Projects
  • Education
  • Retailers
  • Corporate

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