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We take packaging
from idea to the retail shelf!
Working with the largest players in design and packaging industry across more than four continents make us the scientists behind the art.
Creative Design
Thinking beyond 'now' and looking at the bigger picture when it comes to the true essence of your brand differentiates us. With striking aesthetics, effective design and consumer ease of use, we create packaging experiences that your customers love.
Mock ups and prototypes
A physical version of your product packaging gives you a clear perspective of the 'touch and feel' that will entice your customers. We work with you to design mock ups and prototypes that give you the true essence of your packaging.
3D Visualization
Get into the shoes of your consumers and visualize the product exactly the way they will see it with our comprehensive 3D visualization services. Our expert ESKO and ArtiosCAD trained team not only creates 3D mock ups but also help you to decide on the materials and finishing process. Work with us to give your products the shelf shout out.
Artwork Amendments
Whether it is language adaptation, size adaptation or adhering to legal requirements, we work with you to fulfill all your artwork amendment needs to release fully compliant designs into the market.
Artwork processing and color separation
We process your final artwork files and conduct color separation into individual color components so that your printing runs effectively.
We conduct a range of proofing exercises, ranging from Wet Proofing, Kodak Approval, HP Indigo and Epson 9900 concept proofing, and color management using GMG CMS to ensure that you have a first hand feel of your packaging before it goes for printing.
Why work with us ?
High benchmarks of quality
Almost all our clients remain with us for high quality benchmarks. Expert graphic artists working on your project to multiple rounds of quality check ensure that your quality parameters are well addressed.
With a keen focus on data security, all files are shared over secure FTP connections and stored in secure back up facilities, all production floors are monitored on CCTV round the clock and are kept free of any recording devices. With us, you can stay reassured about the security of your information.
Deadline focus
A dedicated team of packaging technicians and three back up facilities are at your service round the clock. No matter how big or small your project is, we ensure that you always meet your deadline.
Customer support
Our team is available to address all your concerns anytime over phone, mail or chat.
Let's talk about your project
You can also mail us on sales@manipalsystems.com
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INDIA +91 820 220 5892
UK +44 203 371 7708
USA +1 212 537 6025


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