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A full-service, end-to-end, cloud based e-Book distribution platform facilitating the Publishers/ Aggregators or Service providers, to offer digital book distribution services to end-users and enterprise customers such as Institutions, Universities and schools. Tailor-made solution for Enterprise level Publishers and Distributors by providing the most comprehensive B2B/B2C functions in the industry.

  • Multi platform e-Reader

  • For Publisher

  • For Students

  • For University



e-Book Distribution Center & e-Reader Platform supports mainstream platforms such as Windows, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android as well as multiple format files. e-Reader comes with many features—highlighting with multi colors, adding bookmarks, taking notes, underlining, categorizing and organizing e-Books. It has the highly sought after pinch-to-zoom gesture. It supports “table of content” which enables smooth navigation between chapters and sections. Data can also be synced with multiple devices. Unique to the reader is an integrated dictionary & multi-language whole sentence translation. Apart from this, content select & instant search, one-click to add the search result to note is also available. An embedded internet browser embellishes the usability. You can also access or load e-Books brought from external sources.





A win-win-win for Students,Schools/Colleges and Academic Publishers

Benefits forStudents

  • Access to an Integrated e-Reader platform, preloaded with the digital course content, right at the beginning of each semester
  • Anytime , Anywhere access to course curriculum, across Desktops, Laptops, Mobiles, Tablets, etc
  • Enhanced e-Reader capabilities like – Audio/ Video integration, 2D/3D simulation, Bookmark/ Notes/ Highlights, Online Dictionaries, Search Engines, Hyperlinks for quick referencing, etc. which give an edge over the traditional printed textbooks
  • Ability to Buy reference books within the platform for personal library or load books bought from external sources

Benefits forUniversities

  • Competitive edge over other institutes by utilising and marketing the benefits of the digital, multi platform, eLearning infrastructure
  • Significant reduction in overheads on library management, print textbooks purchase and course content distribution
  • Professors can create student groups for their specific courses, upload course content, upload notes and handouts and assign certain content to specific students
  • Secured distribution of university/ professor developed content as the DRM protected eReader platform will not allow duplication, piracy or redistribution of content to non secure channels
  • Monitor the progress of each student through an analytical dashboard giving reports on reading pattern
  • Go Green initiative in the form of Digital Delivery minimising the paper usage

Benefits forPublishers

  • Manipal Digital shall manage the technology infrastructure including the Hosting of e-Books to maintenance and distribution of course Content to the Manipal Digital’s University clients.
  • Platform allows the publishers to build the marketing and wholesale channels to the Universities who use the MDS solution
  • Provision to send Complimentary e-books to professors to aid the marketing activity
  • Complementing Print Sales (Print + e-Book)
  • Visibility of definite volumes on the distribution of eBooks to our University clients
  • Reporting & Analytics – A unique administrative dashboards for Publishers to manage e-Books, orders and fulfillment, Real- time Sales analytics.
  • Secured distribution of e-content through a multi-level DRM enabled e-Reader platform preventing the Piracy (Copy, Print) or redistribution of content to non secure channels

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