Digital Imaging


Whether it is changing colors, adding shadows, morphing pictures, changing backgrounds or even making someone look 10 year younger, we’ll ensure your images are picture perfect. Our in-house imaging experts use the best technology and are highly specialized.

  • Color Correction

    Color Correction

  • Swatch Matching

    Swatch Matching

  • Retouching


  • Silhouette

    Silhouette & Masking

  • Shadow Creation

    Shadow Creation

  • File Format

    File Format Resize & Conversions

  • Color Management

    Color Management

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  • fash-1b fash-1a beforeafter
  • fash-2b fash-2a beforeafter
  • fash-3b fash-3a beforeafter
  • fash-4b fash-4a beforeafter
  • fash-5b fash-5a beforeafter


  • sp-5b sp-5a beforeafter
  • prod-2b prod-2a beforeafter
  • prod-3b prod-3a beforeafter
  • sp-4b sp-4a beforeafter
  • sp-7b sp-7a beforeafter


  • jw-4b jw-4a beforeafter
  • jw-1a jw-1b beforeafter
  • jw-2a jw-2b beforeafter
  • jw-7a jw-7b beforeafter
  • jw-8a jw-8b beforeafter


  • sp-1b sp-1a beforeafter
  • sp-2b sp-2a beforeafter
  • sp-3b sp-3a beforeafter
  • sp-4b sp-4a beforeafter
  • sp-5b sp-5a beforeafter


  • cre-1b cre-1a beforeafter
  • cre-2b cre-2a beforeafter
  • cre-3b cre-3a beforeafter
  • cre-4b cre-4a beforeafter
  • cre-5b cre-5a beforeafter

Case study

Digital Imaging

One of North America’s Largest Commercial Printers, It is a provider of print and multichannel solutions for consumer magazines, special interest publications, catalogs, retail inserts/circulars, direct mail, books, directories, and commercial and specialty products with 50-plus print-production facilities on three continents.



  • Overnight Large volume Image production.
  • Robust Image production workflows.
  • Complex image enhancement requirements.
  • Time-consuming and high-volume task involved.
  • Availability of skilled staff.


  • Client’s Production Staff Uploads Image Files to FTP Site, with automated email confirmations distributed to all project managers.
  • Work Requirements are communicated through annotation and instructions – indicating all up front corrections
  • MDS Dedicated Production and Support teams provide real-time communication through instant messaging, email & phone.
  • Image work is completed overnight and delivered back via FTP server, ready for proofing.


  • Customer Can Supplement Existing Staff with Extended Second and Third Shifts.
  • Top Quality Work is Completed –First Time, First Proof
  • Overnight Turns & Overall Cost Savings of more than 50%
  • Clients Current Staff Can Focus on Higher Value Added Services
  • MDS provides 24x7x365 service round the clock
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  • case-study-img-1a case-study-img-1b beforeafter

Customized Imaging

Produces LUMISmile Digital Smile Makeover by LUMINEERS – Headquartered in Lampoc, CA, USA



  • The dentist had to click a digital photo of its customer’s smile.
  • They required to apply LUMINEERS to the customer’s teeth.
  • Before the customer leaves the dentist’s office, the dentist needed to receive an image portfolio with Customer’s new, perfect LUMINEERS smile within a time span of just 5-6 mins.


  • Content files (Images) were uploaded using FTP (Approx. over 500-800 images/day).
  • Skilled artist from Manipal Digital worked on the images.
  • Images were then uploaded in the FTP with the turn around time of 5 mins or less.


  • Dentist could show their customer an after image of the customer even before the Lumineers were applied.
  • Reduction in overall cost by 60%
  • Quickest turn around time
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  • case-study-img-2b case-study-img-2a beforeafter