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We offer a complete range of Custom Application development services by leveraging our domain and business expertise in the technology consultancy and project management. With an extensive know-how of New-Media, Premedia, m-commerce solutions, e-Commerce applications and hosting, we undertake the associated implementation of IT solutions through to services for maintenance, operation and training.

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Case study

Vision System

Manipal Technologies Ltd. Is a security print products manufacturer. Manipal Technologies Ltd is in the business of Facilitating Secure Transactions and Facilitating Marketing Branding and Communication to key industry verticals – Banking, Telecom, Education, Publishing, Consumer goods and Retail, Financial services, Aviation & Transport and the Government


  • 100% quality check inspection for printing
  • Multiple printing fault identification
  • Document validation
  • Traceability of print products


    Developed a robust vision system to identify, printing faults such as hologram defects, intaglio faults, OCR defects etc.

  • Delivered a Online machine vision inspection system which inspects multiple printing faults through database.
  • provided camera based solution for the document validation.
  • Barcode inspection system
  • Report generation for inspection system
  • Online Rejection System for the faulty products.


    MDS developed High speed inspection system lead to the following outcomes:

  • MTL could provide 100% quality checked printed products to the client.
  • MTL could sustain the counterfeit market.
  • MTL could provide unique numbered products to the customer.
  • Easy tracking of products.
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A MIS software package with processes and features such as Project Management, Human Resource Management, Day-to-day task tracker and performance evaluator of every individual in the Organization.


  • Collection of data spread over various parts of an organization
  • Tedious job of structured storage of the data accumulated
  • Driving manual reports or conclusions out of the data collected
  • Project Management
  • User management
  • HR Management


    Developed a MIS software suite :

  • Generating a huge set of an automated reports relying on the data stored in the centralised data store.
  • Easy excel, graphical and cumulative reports auto generated.
  • Easy planning and Resource management
  • Day-to-day track of activities performed by every individual in the organization and hence monitoring one’s efficiency.
  • The reports generated, the efficiency monitored hence helps the Managers to work on the organisational strategies and benchmarks.


  • Effective communication on the status of the project and progress to the stakeholders.
  • Reduction in man-power utilized for data storage and report generation.
  • More reliable and valid data captured.
  • Secured and structured storage of data
  • Role wise restricted access to data captured.
  • Department heads can check the status & current tasks of their team members and respective Projects instantly.
  • Remote Project management.
  • Efficient User management
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